Nandu K. Belani

Nandu K. Belani

What sets us humans apart from other creatures is our inherent ability to "build". We, at Belani work to take this gift to the next level and create living and working environments that are always 'better'. Belani has delivered quality benchmarks year over year. In Kolkata, we take one step back and two steps forward, but we keep moving forward. Like the City, our Group has excelled over time.


Belani Group is not just a pioneer in the real estate sector in Eastern India; it is a story of how this sector has evolved- and where it's headed. How the modern corporation has taken shape and what it is becoming. This Group credits itself for introducing the concept of terrace gardens with Niladri; now a common feature in premium buildings of Kolkata. The Metro Shopping Center brought the Mall concept to Kolkata. Hiland Park gave the City its first development with an inbuilt club and the Metropolis Mall; simultaneously catering to the residential and the commercial segments.



I believe in the value of our brand. Time and again we question ourselves and strive to provide our customers with quality homes. We know what you expect from us, and we will continuously perform until we live up to the same incredibly high standard. There is a thin line known to exist between commitment and delivery and that's precisely why, at Belani, our delivery supersedes commitment.



Today, we are at the threshold of celebrating Fifty Years. At this juncture, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders who have been part of the Belani family. Gaining respect and trust from you is a strategic priority at Belani.


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