The Guru Nanak Auto Centre in Mango Lane was completed in 1978 and was the first organised retail center in the country.

Metro Shopping Centre, completed in 2000, ushered in the mall concept in Kolkata.

Hiland Park in EM Bypass was completed in 2003. What made this project special is that it was the first lifestyle development in the city with a 37,000 square feet club and the
Metropolis Mall.

Niladri on Raja Santosh Road, Completed in 1986, introduced the concept of terrace gardens attached to each apartment. An unbelievable first in the city, this feature is a necessary inclusion in most of the premium real estate projects today.

Garden Apartment on Sarat Bose Road was completed on 1997. A total of 7 bungalows spread over an acre, the striking feature of this development is its all through basement car parking, space-saving feature of high end properties. The ground floor is completely landscaped.