In a country like India, which has a population of about 1.32 billion people, only one-third can read and write. A change in the society can be brought about by empowering the youth of the society, by providing quality education to the children at elementary and primary level. The latter witnesses the maximum number of drop outs.

To help curb this problem and to commemorate 50 Years of Belani Group, we have decided to take up educational responsibility of 50 students from Standard V-VII and see them through secondary and high school under our CSR pet project ‘NEEV’ (‘Foundation’ in English) through the Kishinchand P. Belani Trust. Our CSR team directly got in touch with the schools and families of our employees who required help towards the educational support for their children and got them enrolled for the sponsorship.

An event was also organised for these 50 children wherein they were invited along with their families and the amount for the school fees for the 1st quarter, were handed over to the schools.  With each passing year, we plan to increase the number of children and reach out to a wider population of students in need.

Our future vision is not only to provide educational support but to help these children grow into a responsible citizen.  Our idea of a developed nation can only be fulfilled by educating the youth. Nelson Mandela once said, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” The overall development of an individual and progress of a nation is directly proportional to education. With education, employment opportunities are widened and income levels increase.

The organisation has always aimed at striving for excellence, not only at a professional level but also interpersonally with its associates. Thereby, cementing bonds on a stronger foundation of professional ethos; in turn, leading to widening of its clientele and market coverage. Years’ of experience has helped the group translate its dream properties into futuristic creations. Building real values.Building better values.